The Book of Life and Living

To live well is the desire of many. The art of living well means living a life of happiness, a purposeful life as if everything is a miracle.

The pursuit of happiness is the quest of many. Unfortunately, happiness is something intangible, elusive, and always unattainable to many. It is like a carrot-and-stick in front of a mule: the harder it strives to get the carrot, the more pain is inflicted on it. Without getting what they desire, many turn to other means, such as alcohol, drugs, and many other toxic distractions, to satisfy their unfulfilled desires and dreams. They only make them sink into a darker and deeper hole of despair. But life doesn't have to be like that; all you need is wisdom -- wisdom in living. With true wisdom, you can live your life as if everything is a miracle.

The Book of Life and Living (2nd edition) is a 200-page book that explains what true wisdom is: it is a process of asking meaningful questions and getting relevant answers from them to empower your mind to think differently. After all, life has to do with thinking -- how you think, how you react to your life experiences, and how you process and internalize them to become your memories. The brain is a complex organ. The book explains in simple layman language how the mind works, and how you may weave the fabrics of your realities acquired from your life experiences encountered.

Wisdom is understanding the ancient wisdom of Lao Tzu, an ancient sage from China. His wisdom is simple but profound. Even President Reagan quoted his wisdom in one of his state-of-the union addresses. The book explains in simple language the essentials of Tao wisdom (the wisdom of Lao Tzu, who was the author of "Tao Te Ching"). 

It is also important to integrate the ancient wisdom with contemporary wisdom to see not only their differences but also their relevance to each other. Both the ancient wisdom and contemporary can be enhanced by Biblical wisdom. Living for life is simple but you need a blueprint to understand the nature of things so that you will have an empty mind to reverse your thinking. 

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