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Ginseng for Longevity

Always take good care of your health, if you wish to say, "Doctor, you're fired!" Medicine does not help you, but herbs may.

Ginseng is a natural anti-aging herb well recognized for its medicinal values. Given that ginseng has hormone-enhancing effect on the body, it can reverse male impotence. Research studies indicated that mice given ginseng reached puberty much faster than untreated mice.  In human, sexual health holds the key to  longevity health, and therefore ginseng is anti-aging.

Take ginseng regularly to retard aging. In addition to providing energy needed for old age, ginseng prevents disabling disorders, such as arthritis, and heart disease.

As one continues to age, the stiffness of joints and inflexibility of muscles may contribute to falling, which is the Number One killer among the elderly. The more one is afraid to fall, the more one is prone to falling because fear inhibits motion,  and immobility often leads to muscle atrophy, and thus creating the vicious circle of falling.

Use ginseng to give you sexual health and energy, as well as to prevent vulnerability and physical frailty. Ginseng may be the elixir of life because it not only acts like a hormone (hormone decline in human is responsible for aging), but also stimulates the body to produce its own hormones. As such, it is anti-aging.

Take ginseng regularly. In China, it is not uncommon for people to buy the best ginseng roots, put them in bottles soaked with brandy to be used in old age. If properly preserved, ginseng can retain its potency for many years.

Ginseng is readily available in drug and health food stores all over the United States. However, finding the right ginseng may be challenging.

However, you need to know how to buy your ginseng.  Be knowledgeable.

First of all, you need to determine the type of ginseng: American, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Then, you need to decide on the form of ginseng: root, tablet, powder, or tincture. Finally, you need to know what you are getting for the money you pay: the quality or the grade.

Asian ginseng is the classical ginseng, which is most effective as a restorative tonic for long-term health and wellness: it regulates blood pressure, enhances mental health, control diabetes, suppresses stress, and counteracts alcohol and drugs. Asian ginseng is anti-aging.

American ginseng balances the body metabolism and reduces stress. American ginseng does not have the reputation for revitalizing the body and enhancing overall health and wellness as the Asian counterpart does.

Korean ginseng is well regulated by the government, so the quality is comparable to that of Chinese ginseng. The best Korean ginseng is red ginseng.

Japanese ginseng is of average quality compared to that of Chinese and Korean ginseng.

When you buy ginseng, consider the age (the older the better; at least 4 years old), the color (good ginseng turns from white to reddish when steamed), the texture (good ginseng is hard and dense), the shape (good ginseng has the shape of a man: straight with intertwined rootlets or branches, not curled ones), and the taste (bitter with a tinge of sweetness).

Get top-quality ginseng to make  you live longer, if you just don’t die!

Stephen Lau

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